Thursday, October 8, 2009

Scarf Chic, partie neuf - Made4Aid

People, people...why are you shopping at cookie-cutter establishments? Surely you would like something ( for yourself or for a gift) unique. Well, if so, please go to Made4Aid & have a look at the lovely items up for auction. (Made4Aid also welcomes comments on their posts, not just bids.) It is NOT an annoying create-a-profile-password-thing. You do not have to be a blogger. Leave a comment with your bid on an item post. If you have the highest bid, you can pay via Paypal or send a check with a good old postage stamp on it. You're making us look bad! That's the real truth...we admit it. Oh woe....

This beautiful & handmade scarf is up for auction until Wednesday, 14 October, 9am New York time. There is no bid yet & it's a mere $US25 to start. We saw something quite like this at not-to-be-named "cool" retailer downtown....for $35! It most definitely was not gorgeous wool & silk, nor was it made by hand. We won't start on where the profits will go.

ciao-meow/GG's accessories editor

[photographs courtesy of Made4Aid]