Monday, October 26, 2009

Made4Aid Monday - Candy Colours

This is a beautiful, unique bag. There are more photographs, description, & details on the Made4Aid blog. We urge you to at least visit. There are more lovely things available for auction as well. The end-date for bidding on this particular bag is this Wednesday, 28 October 2009, New York time. Take it from GG's editor: you will forget if you don't visit now.

"This auction is for a shoulder bag, handwoven on a table top loom. Its one of a limited series woven according to a "Monks belt" weave pattern, where the weft distorts and goes wavey, making a nicely-textured weave...."

"The warp threads (the vertical ones) are soft cotton in pastel candy shades of blue, green, cream and pink. The weft yarns include chenille, soft cottons and shiny ribbon and threads in a range colours from soft mauve through to pink and red- there was a bit of using up of leftovers and remnants going on here..."

"The bag is fully lined with vintage fabric - a crisp white cotton with little pink rosebuds - and there is a little internal pocket..."

[photographs property of Made4Aid/used by kind permission]