Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wishes - Plan An Itinerary

I like to think of an itinerary as the cover of a book that piques your curiosity, encourages you to take action... J. Peterman

Enter J. Peterman's second annual
travel sweepstakes by June 30th. Now. Someone has to win, right?

Today, buy a travel book or magazine & put it on your nightstand. Then read a little bit every night & begin to plan your itinerary. It might change over the course of the planning but a notebook & writing instrument are essential. If funds are low, take out a book from the library or borrow one from a fellow traveller. This is exactly how GG's editor starts each & every trip.

We want to hop off to Italy or France, of course (especially to see friends) but this article about the
Cambodian seashore is so tempting that it's definitely on our short list (with a side trip to Vietnam & Indonesia. And Thailand. And...OK, well it's a $5,000 prize but travel to Asia from here is rather expensive.)

Check out Budget Travel magazine's website for ideas & deals.


(Kampot, Cambodia by
Cailin Callahan - visit her blog to read about her trip to Asia)