Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Little Paris

Il pleut des cordes.*

is asleep (of course) but her editor is writing. And when she is writing, she must take a break now & again, bien sûr. An early autumn rainy day reminds her of university in Strasbourg. Playing in the background is Yves Montand's Les Feuilles Mortes. It's all very cozy, yes, but to be in France would be lovely.

Alas, t
he closest we'll get to France this month is thanks to Carol of Paris Breakfasts & her introduction to My Little Paris. There are also editions for Marseille & Lyon. Very well. But where is the Strasbourg edition, eh? We must speak with someone about this glaring omission; meanwhile, sign up for the weekly newsletter that will make you as chic as a Parisienne (for whom this newsletter was originally intended).

ciao-meow/GG's editor

* Literal: It's pouring ropes. It's like the English 'raining cats & dogs.' See the BBC's French language page to brush up on your French.

(Paris sous la pluie by Ron Reiring via Resto pour enfants)