Monday, September 19, 2011

Meatless Monday - Eggplant Sticks

It's Meatless Monday, peeps. What? You haven't signed up yet? You don't have to sign up. Just do it!

Eggplants are still heaped atop farmers market tables & GG's editor is making these baked eggplant (aubergine) sticks for an inexpensive snack today. Visit our new favorite food blog Skinnytaste. If you are familiar with Weight Watchers, guess what? We're back at it (not Giulia, non. She lurves her curves.). This recipe has only 1 point per serving. Repeat: 1 point. Skinnytaste has a gazillion great recipes whether you're following a program or not.

Also: If you read Italian, see this link to lighter eggplant recipes from Pianeta Donne.

ciao-meow/GG's editor

(photograph by the morning train via Pianeta Donne)