Friday, September 30, 2011

Teach Yourself to Knit

It is not that difficult to knit a scarf. Stop sassing back; it is not. GG's editor just finished watching a few videos & clicking through The Basics of Knitting. We know basic knitting but wanted to see if we could recommend them. Yes, yes, yes. If you don't like these links, just do a search for 'teach yourself to knit.' Gazillion hits.

The weather is finally turning cooler & crisp (goodbye evil humidity...
Giulia's fuzzy forehead was about to sprout funghi) & the urge to knit has hit.

There are lots of sales on yarns & patterns online & in stores. Warning: Don't invest in much beyond basic needles & some pretty yarn to test your interest. The larger the needles, the faster a scarf appears. Now go to it!


(photographs by valentina c & Not So Boring Life)