Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anne Frank's Tree - An Interactive Monument

“Our chestnut tree is in full blossom. It is covered with leaves and is even more beautiful than last year...” - Anne Frank, 13 May 1944

Anne Frank often looked from the attic window at the chestnut tree behind the
secret annex. She wrote about it in her diary. Now, the more than 150 year old tree is diseased, but online it will live on. Leave your leaf in the virtual chestnut tree, forward it and keep Anne Frank’s ideals alive. (via Anne Frank House)

As autumn returns to the northern hemisphere, the leaves will color & fall. Sadly, Anne's chestnut tree has not begun its annual cycle as it completely fell last August (2010). It's more important than ever, then, to keep the idea of the tree alive.

The Anne Frank website is wonderful for adults & children. There are several extraordinary sub-sites; you can take a virtual tour of the award-winning secret annex site & go back in time to where Anne wrote her famous diary.
For students, a link for inspiration & information for school projects; for teachers, a link for you. The site (& subsites) is available in six languages.

ciao-meow/GG's editor

(chestnut tree by Powi; screenshot of interactive tree via Anne Frank)