Monday, October 3, 2011

Keep Your Eye on the Tigers

Just 3,000 tigers live in the wild today. These majestic animals face grave threats to their survival, including poaching and habitat destruction. It is our work to ensure the protection of the 1,000 remaining breeding females, so that they may live to produce the next generation. Help us give tigers room to grow: Support our efforts to conserve these great cats and their homes. --Wildlife Conservation Society

This is a full-blown emergency, people. Please visit Wildlife Conservation Society's Tiger Tools page & take action. Also, GG Central purchased these Vanishing Species stamps that will help raise money to fight tiger poaching.

For children of all ages, visit
National Geographic Kids Creature Feature/Tiger page. There are coloring pages, e-cards, & all sorts of cool features. Giulia is paw-painting right now. With spilled coffee on a tiger page. Seriously. We have to go!


(Siberian tiger by
Joel Sartore for National Geographic)