Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hero Dogs

You're a hero. Everyone keeps telling you, but you don't feel much like a hero. Mostly, you feel frustrated, and angry, and scared. Frustrated at how tasks which used to be effortless now seem like climbing Mt. Everest. Angry, sometimes at the people you love and the very people who are trying to help you, because you hate feeling so dependent on them. This is not the future you had planned. And this - THIS? This 65 pound wagging yellow fool with the floppy ears and the tongue hanging out of his mouth - this is supposed to make any of that okay again? --read on, Hero Dogs

On Sunday, at the Takoma Park Street festival, GG's editor met an adorable (what other kind is there?) 10-week old yellow Labrador puppy who was to begin his training as a hero dog on Monday. The only thing that kept us warm in the cold rain was the puppy, the story of Lady Liberty & learning about the Hero Dog organization in the metropolitan Washington, DC-area. The people of Hero Dogs are new heroes to us. Check out their website, appearances at events in the area, & how you can help.

is pining for a puppy now.

ciao-woof-meow/the Management

(photograph via Free Desktop Backgrounds)