Friday, October 28, 2011

Pretty Deer

While chasing Giulia (into everything as usual), beginning (!) Halloween prep, & readying for what feels like a sudden cold snap, GG's editor slowed down enough to see deer outside the window early this a.m. The building borders a finger of Rock Creek Park so that makes sense. We know that deer have become a controversial subject in many parts of the country. We're not getting into that now. They are pretty to us.

We use Sharon Montrose's baby deer notepad for daily lists. It might be discontinued, hope not. Will check that out. These brass deer on Etsy would be pretty for autumn/holiday decor, no? Karen at the The Graphics Fairy has three versions of the vintage deer ready to print out today. All in all a satisfying bit of synchronicity.

Back tonight/tomorrow!


(images via HanaPee & The Graphics Fairy)