Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have a Cozy Weekend

It's already Saturday early evening (here) but there's still enough weekend left to make plans with friends. In any case, you could:

--Make this quick cocoa cake (or anything on Bake or Break);

--Watch Dr. Zhivago on Netflix Instant (or watch the BBC series, they're both available)

--Join Twitter (yes!)

--Watch this terrific time-lapse video of a trip around the world (love)

--Read about Eve Arnold, the extraordinary photographer who died at 99 this week.

--Seek out a fireplace if you don't have one. (our favorite in DC)

Here in the States, Downton Abbey, Series 2 begins tomorrow. The excitement builds; so does the annoyance with friends who saw it last year (in UK) & think spoilers are amusing. Honestly, some people!


(photograph via
A Beautiful Mess)