Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Prep

Remember last late January? Or the year before that? Surely, sometime in the last few years, you've thought: I would love to make valentines (or a present) for _____. Or many ____. If you have children or work with them, that goes without saying. You probably have it written down already: start the Valentine's Day crafts.

Or not.

Then...oops. It's February 12th (or worse). Well, we here at GG Central (OK, the editor & the redheaded feline) have decided to do a few prompts for Valentine's Day. Starting now. Maybe GG's editor seems to rely too much on Martha Stewart, but why start elsewhere? The site has links by holiday. Another excellent site is Poppytalk; here's their 2012 valentines label. We'll work our way through some other sites the next couple of week & post them (also on Twitter).


(photograph by the lovely Beata Rydén)