Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bees, the Sweet Alternative

Perhaps you aren't so excited about the consumerism surrounding Valentine's Day. GG's editor isn't but doesn't want to ignore it all together. That's why we enjoy looking for free or inexpensive card projects, cookie & candy recipes, & DIY craft projects.

But on the theory that people spend money anyway, why not consider a gift of bees for $30.00 via Heifer International? Especially if you're looking for a project for an annual year of giving (as suggested here). Heifer has a little valentines section with suggestions & a PDF of (free) cute vintage-inspired kid's valentines cards.


PS: Here are two more wonderful DIY card ideas: A sweet easy watercolor project & a whole Flickr set from generous Samantha Hahn (see her pretty Maquette blog, too).

(illustration via Reusable Art/GG collage)