Thursday, February 23, 2012

Perce-neige (Snowdrops)

We are in opposite-land. Last year, snowdrops were slow to arrive & leave. Now, with the odd winter, daffodils (!) are popping up. We just saw some snowdrops in a little bunch. So here's a popular post from last year.

PS: Many have asked what they can do to help Syrians. We're in the midst of working on that very subject. Updates as soon as possible.

(March 2011) We should be seeing daffodils as it's March but snowdrops (perce-neige in French) are still about as spring is slow to arrive to GG's city. If you know any children who like to color (or adults...GG's editor likes to break out the crayons now & again), here's a coloring page of spring flowers, including a snowdrop. And here are more online art resources for kids of all ages.

ciao-meow/the Management

(snowdrop by photofairy)