Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Venetian Carnevale

Do forgive our absence. Under-the-weather + busy (+ some fun) = Oof

A quick mention of the last day of Carnival. Of course, this takes place all over the world but a favorite is Venice (or anywhere in Italy), so a few links for some fun. A visit to The official Venice site is well done, wonderful graphics, photographs, & ideas. (Venice Carnival 2012 has a nice site, as well.)

A visit to Juls' Kitchen takes you to the Tuscan countryside & the talented Giulia's house. Beautiful photographs, wonderful recipes. Here's one for cenci, a Carnival treat. You probably have all the ingredients on hand & they are so good.

A GG pal,
Merisi travels to Venice often; she's there right now snapping wonderful photographs of mysterious masked people. Go & then hang around for her daily updates of life in Vienna.


(photograph by Stewart D. Halperin)