Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend Update: The Daily Kitten

The Obama's are adopting a puppy in the spring. We've heard. We're delighted. We love dogs. However, we're annoyed with reporters fixated on the "pet" story who immediately segue into "dogs/puppies" when it comes to the wider viewing/reading audience. As in "adopt a pet," "there are so many puppies & dogs in need." What?

In a lame-o attempt to even the field, we offer the following. Please go to, The Daily Kitten, & here, especially for those in the DC-area, the Washington Animal Rescue League. There are so many cats & kittens who need a home. GG would like to remind everyone that she, a magnanimous feline, loves dogs, too. GG was "found" on Her adoption photo is her profile photo above. As imperfect as it is, it reminds us of that time nearly 3 years ago when she was looking for a home. Sniff.

Now ciao-meow & back to our weekend!

GG & her editor

PS: Enough with the Bush twins. That letter will soon be shopped around as a potential musical /play. The first few "listenings" -- cute, sweet. Now? Stop the madness!

[Photos from The Daily Kitten via Cute Overload:)]