Friday, January 30, 2009

Coffee Love & Bleeding Espresso

We love reading Bleeding Espresso & visit often. Do's a free trip to Calabria, southern Italy complete with What's Cooking Wednesdays, Love Thursdays, & everything in between. We've not time to ask her for a photo, so we go with this hilarious poster...kind of sums us up sometimes.

Michelle's self-description: "Michelle Fabio, an American writer and attorney leaves the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania for her family's ancestral village in Calabria, Italy, falls in love, gets two dogs, writes to her heart's content and begins bleeding espresso. No, really."

Take it from GG Central, she's funny, kind, & thoughtful. Coincidentally, she's up for Best European Bloggie Award. Visit her & then vote...she didn't ask us, we think you should!

ciao-meow & baci!
GG's editor

(vintage coffee advert via we heart it)