Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stay Cool, Cats

Giulia is in the bathtub (without the water). She's about to be banished to sit in front of the fan so her editor can take a turn (with water).

While we're splashing around, in no particular order (hey, it's so hot that our brain is about to explode) check out:

A terrific giveaway on illustrator Lori Langille's blog, automatism.

Funny websites via Refinery 29 (If in hurry, scroll down to #5 & see mama cat & kitten).

Why does your pet follow you into the bathroom?

summer design inspiration via Apartment Therapy.

Seven recipes to beat the heat. Or ten things to eat (when it's too hot to eat).

ciao-sizzle-meow/the Management

(photograph by fab Cig Harvey)