Thursday, May 5, 2011

Make a Card for a Mother

It doesn't have to be could be for anyone. Also, please remember that not all little ones (& even some semi-big ones) have someone to help them out with this holiday. Think of children who don't live with their mom, those who are being raised by a single mom & there aren't family or friends to help - it happens a lot; & let's remember the children in military families. (Visit Joining Forces on to find out how to help.)

Martha Stewart has some wonderful DIY card projects (like the one above, a pop-up card. There's also a video on the site in the lower-right hand corner). Here's a cute kid's project guide (a pdf) from the current print magazine. You can help the children in your life by downloading it & printing it for them. (What are we thinking? They knew how to do it before you did:)
If vintage illustrations are more your style, visit Vintage Holiday Crafts & Clip Art. There are lovely images you can put together to make a pretty card.


(photograph via Martha Stewart)