Friday, May 15, 2009

GG Celebrates la Tour Eiffel - Week's End

GG Central bids an official happy birthday to La Tour Eiffel. (Yes, we know people have been celebrating since March 31st...calm down, there's no such thing as celebrating what was called 'an odious column of metal' (!) too many days. )

The exhibit Tales for the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, begins tomorrow (we're preparing this quick post early) & runs through 31 December 2009. The Tower's official site is here in English (it has several languages, just click). It's a lot of fun to virtually visit if you can't be there. The Tower's live webcam is in our right sidebar (we first saw it on The Clever Pup's site, she is so very clever & tasteful). You can click & download it for yourself. It's cheerful to watch the sky & lights change throughout the day & night.

The photographs for today are from the Brooklyn Museum; explication from their site below in italics. Salut to our dear French friends, here
& there. un grand bisou.

a rushed ciao-meow/GG's editor

William Henry Goodyear (1846–1923), whose image collections are presented here, was the Brooklyn Museum's first curator of fine arts (1899–1923) and a renowned art and architectural historian. In addition to being a vital force in the early years of the Museum's fine arts department, Goodyear did extensive research in art history and architectural theory. In 1900, Goodyear traveled to the Paris Exposition with photographer Joseph Hawkes. They brought back numerous images from the exposition including street life, vistas, pavilions, statues, and other structures and decorative details. The entire Goodyear Archival Collection can also be found on the Brooklyn Museum Web site.