Sunday, May 17, 2009

Intervallo (intermission)

GG Central is a more than under-the-weather & downhearted (a bad combination). So this lovely photograph by the oh-so-generous Roman Giampaolo Macorig is most welcome. It's from his Intervalli (minimal or relaxing) set & it is just what we need. If only. This photo was taken in San Giovanni, near Rome. Would that we were there.

We hope you will visit Darfur Peace & Development Organization & Enough Project for updates. Things are seriously grim & there is only worsening news to report. We aren't convinced that many people care, really. We still care but it is taking a toll for which we were not prepared. Scheduled posts from last summer & autumn to run during the week. We will check our email when possible. Thanks so much.

PS: Also, please check in with our blog links; they are group of highly talented & lovely people...