Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do you Twitter? (repeat tweet)

(original post from 19 September 2008; Update: still find it slightly alarming.) On the other hand, some field workers & reporters in dangerous places in the world (& others who do not go on about eating ham sandwiches) have found it very helpful. As with Facebook, no one said you have to update your every thought. In fact, we beg you to stop it. The 'what are you thinking/doing' is merely a prompt, a suggestion; not a command. Something to keep in mind. You can contact juliethecat if you like; she has a restricted account. (Update - it's unrestricted. C'mon over!) Since this post, a Twitter Tips site has sprung (along with widgets). Have fun.]

Giulia & her editor find this Twitter business amusing & slightly terrifying. We signed up because friends around the world kept sending us messages that they wanted to 'follow' us. Yikes. We still aren't sure how we feel but we love, love, love this logo detail & want this adorable bird on GG's site.