Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moroccan mosaic meditation

Listen to the rain (it is here anyway), work, read, rest, meditate, & think of the calm Musée de Marrakesh. These lovely photographs are only alice's. Most we've used are fabulous-with-color; these are the cool, blue-gray, serene flip-side. Wouldn't you just love to spend the day here? (Here's a link to their website, it's quite nice.) We would...for GG would surely be allowed in, so sophisticated & charming is she. We'll be back every day this week with photographs & to take the odd comment or two, but already the week is, well, cluttered. Is it too much to hope that someone will show up with a tagine full of goodies? Probably. So we'll be cooking, too. Perhaps some of our friends will come up with variations on recipes that we've not tried, or not made in a long while....hint.

ciao-salaam-meow/GG's editor