Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moroccan desert rose

Not technically, no. But the glow of these carvings is sometimes rosy, sometimes more terracotta/sepia, depending on the incoming light & time of day. No matter when, they are so beautiful. Photograph by only alice who is so talented & generous.

Please be generous with your time & check in with one or two humanitarian organizations on this page. It would be particularly supportive of GG's visitors to check in for the latest news on the Darfur Fast for Life action, if the site is working again by the time this publishes. (It is to the right side-bar near the top of the page, under GG's clock.)

At this writing, something has gone wrong with the server. Many organizations have been attacked by hackers from certain countries, certain locations. If you read Italian, or want to try (!), please go to Italian Bloggers for Darfur; some sites are translated into English; you might like to visit to see Italian style other than purely decorative; they are a spirited bunch.)

Thank you so much.