Sunday, May 3, 2009

Giulia Geranium Turns One!

Well... officially created on 4 May 2008, a Sunday afternoon (In Defense of Hello Kitty); daily posts began in mid-July leading up to the Beijing Olympics (see all the Darfur postings). However, we did begin on 4 May '08, & posted in June, & July. GG's editor is, after all, a trained historian, reporter, (& other things, think nine lives) & nit-picky about (too much ). Due to some circumstances way beyond our control, we're not prepared with a great photo of GG, cakes, or anything close. A year ago, we thought for sure that we'd have a camera, full-time work, & a good Internet connection. What a year. (You can interpret that any which way you like!) [LIFE archival photograph credit]

GG's editor is away most of tomorrow (Monday) to have a stress-induced cracked tooth (I know!) tended to. GG will be pulling azalea blooms out of a pottery jug & watching a DVD. As usual, we ask you to visit Darfur Peace & Development Organization or any of the sites on this page. GG really loves Enough Project, too, because of the orange logos. But really, many wonderful people visit Giulia's site & a lot of them linked to us, so talk amongst yourselves.

We thank the many photographers & artists who have allowed us to use their original work here. You are wonderful & generous.

Have a great Monday & thanks for stopping by. Oh, & that defense of HK? Still forthcoming....masterpieces, they cannot be rushed.

a sheepish ciao-meow, GG's editor