Monday, December 1, 2008

Dr. Ashis Brahma

Well, goodness. Where to start with Ashis Brahma? He's currently in Uganda with the Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation; see here for their projects. It's a wonderful group of people. They have a Facebook page & would love for you to join them. The photo collage at bottom shows Ashis having/making fun, which he seems to be able to do just about anywhere. This is especially important when he's working in IDP camps like Oure Cassoni, Chad (first photo) on the border with Darfur, Sudan. Ashis will return to the States on another speaking tour starting in January. We'll post the full itinerary later, but if you live in or near Washington, DC, mark off the dates 28-30 January. (Many people will remember Dr. Brahma from the moving 60 Minutes piece The Search for Jacob, here is the link to the video.)

The world needs more Ashis...he can't do it all!

GG's editor

photography used with permission of Dr. Ashis Brahma