Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa Baby

We don't care if it's uncool (it's been said): we love our Starbucks 2006 Santa Baby CD...15 great songs & a wide range of singers. That was an unusual-for-us impulse purchase & no regrets. It's out-of-print but apparently in demand & probably available on the usual-suspects resale sites (with dial-up, one more search cannot be endured today). Really worth-it free clip art & holiday sources tomorrow.

Also two wonderful Swedish food blogs (though, they're much more than that). They include possibly the most adorable kitten & cat photos in history...these two friends do "weekend cat blogging" & they are really fun. So here is A Cat in the Kitchen & Anne's Food.

ciao-meow & bisou

image via our own half-dead scanner
illustrations by Ed Fotheringham [here's his website]
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