Monday, December 15, 2008

Mia Farrow in Haiti & Congo

Hard-working, lovely Mia Farrow is in Congo presently. She's unable to post photographs right now. However, here is a brief post from Thursday, 11 December 2008. Here for her Darfur, Central African Republic (CAR), Haiti, & Chad flickr sets.

These photos are by Mia & yes, that's a toy car made from items found in the garbage. This little Haitian boy has nothing...not enough to eat, no clean water. But he has this. Haiti is our neighbor & we haven't been very neighborly. We lurch from crisis to crisis & that does not work. Go here & see what you might do about it.

Mia makes mixing humanitarian aid/rights work & the pleasures of life positively graceful. Someone asked GG's editor the other day: how can you look at pretty pix one minute, make holiday plans, see a movie, have a drink, & THIS.? (They were just asking, not critical.) People do the best they can to take a breath between moments of crises. By the same token, we haven't a bit of sympathy with "don't bring down the holidays with talk of doom." No one's had the nerve to say that to us, but we've heard it said about others. Give us a [bleeping] break. (Hey cool cats, "bleep" is all the rage now:)


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