Monday, December 8, 2008


A reminder of the ongoing IKEA soft animal campaign to raise funds for UNICEF & Save the Children. In the States & Canada, $1.00 for each toy is donated equally between both organizations. In the UK, it's £1 per animal.

We love this rucksack-wearing crocodile. When GG is asleep, one little snaggle pops out. (It's so cute it should be illegal.) Today we look forward to a visit from some French friends & GG will be in her element.Perhaps an IKEA visit is in our future today. If so, then Fabler Krokodil will be coming home with us. IKEA's two series of children's accessories, along with the soft animals, are: 1) Fabler and Barnslig. At least one animal (there are some for 49 cents) is affordable for most people. Here is a link to IKEA Fans blog (yep!) with a post on the campaign.

Also remember in the States, the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign. The IKEA animals are a perfect donation. (No, we don't work for IKEA.) Donations across the board, from food to toys are down everywhere. We know it's rough; GG Central is between contracts. We know. But surely 49 cents for a toy or a dollar to buy a non-perishable food donation is possible?

Have a great Monday.

GG's editor