Monday, December 15, 2008

Squirrel Love

Yes, they are cute. We don't like squirrel haters here. (And yes, they are a pain in the neck sometimes...but so is an adorable redheaded cat roaming these parts. A pair of squirrels would be nothing compared to the GG Show.) Don't know where these guys are from but we hope they're surviving this year's acorn shortage in much of the Eastern U.S. We just handed off a small butternut squash, an (oldish) clementine, & a few peanuts to a little squirrel family outside the door. We've not seen a single acorn this year & we're surrounded by oaks. The oaks flowered, so where are the acorns?

merry ciao-meow,
GG's editor

Original image by davidw; Some rights reserved.