Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cat Party

Two wonderful photos from photographer & animal rescue heroine Marianne Perdomo of Gran Canaria. She of the Alvar cat photo (A Blue-eyed Snowflake Cat), here. Marianne captures a funny scene which we imagine as holiday party gone a bit wild. (GG claims the dog started it; we're not buying it because GG is an instigator extraordinaire.) In the second photo, we imagine the after-party floops. {Follow the story about Peque, Susi & Robyn, the floopy kitties in the basket, here.)

Computer trouble & GG's antics this a.m. make us late...not the lovely, but quite tame, holiday party we went to last evening. Check out Marianne's photostream at flickr. [Some photos also available via animalphoto, another great resource.] Have a great Saturday.

bisou, ciao-meow,
GG's harried editor