Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ten ways to celebrate Labor Day

From Tula Connell writing on the AFL-CIO blog:

Before you head off to the hot dogs and veggie burgers at the backyard barbecue this weekend (because who can afford the gas money to drive anywhere?), take a minute to celebrate Labor Day in a way that honors America’s working women and men.

1. Send a Labor Day e-card. Click here. (See how easy it is to take action?)

2. Help pass the Employee Free Choice Act by signing a petition here.

3. Get set to walk. What better way to mark Sen. John McCain’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on Sept. 4 than by talking union-member to union-member about the important issues in this election? Stop by here to see video clips of union members describing why they’ll be walking Sept. 4 and here to read why AFL-CIO President John Sweeney is urging union members to walk Sept. 4. If you’re a union member, sign up to walk here.

4. Read a new report about how unions benefit the environment, workers, business and more. American Rights at Work pulled it together and posted it here.

5. Check out the information and resources available at our Working Families Vote site here. While you’re in election mode, take a few minutes to meet Sen. Barack Obama here and get the real story behind McCain here. Don’t know Sen. Joe Biden? Lots of info on his strong working family record here.

6. Sign up for e-mail action alerts here and get the word out about how Obama supports working families by going here.

7. Keep up with issues critical to everyone who works for a living by signing up for the daily AFL-CIO Now blog news e-mail here.

8. There are a few good employers out there. American Rights at Work has the Labor Day list of employer highlights here.

9. Buy yourself or someone you know a Labor Day treat from The Union Shop Online.™ Stop by the shop anytime.

10. Get all the FAQs on Labor Day here, including basic info, Labor Day history and the union movement’s Labor in the Pulpits program.

Now, go get some barbecue.


Tula said it all...GG & her editor add nothing except: have a safe day, laugh, see your family &/or friends; and if you have to work, we will work hard to ensure that, unless you are an emergency worker, you will have a paid holiday next year!