Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mia Farrow: "I will be broadcasting from the camps as of the 8th"

To keep the spotlight on Darfur during the Games, we are webcasting the Darfur Olympics from August 8 - 15. On this website you will be able to watch daily alternative programming: exclusive video footage and reports by Mia Farrow from a Darfurian refugee camp, highlighting the desperate need for action. You'll be able to access educational materials about the Darfur crisis -- and take action online.

To kick off this week of advocacy, you can watch our "Alternative Opening Ceremony" on August 8 featuring musicians who have donated music videos to our effort to make sure the world does not forget about Darfur.

Tune in on August 8 and spread the word to friends and family. With your help, we will make sure the world, the Olympic sponsors and specifically China do not forget about the people of Darfur.