Saturday, August 23, 2008

Get Smart! Play FreeRice

GG has had a FreeRice link on her site (in the right-hand column) for some time, but an additional push might help the month-end totals. The World Food Programme is under tremendous pressure; the crisis in Georgia is just the latest addition to its mission. (This game is addictive but GG's editor sets a timer & that usually works, at least the third time.)

If you'd like to put a FreeRice banner on your blog or website, there are several lovely ones from which to choose. Here is a link to those FreeRice banners.

So, set up your play options, bookmark FreeRice, & have a good time. (Pssst. Not to be nerdy about it, but it does help with Scrabble & crosswords. Come to think of it: what's wrong with being nerdy? In a good way....)