Sunday, August 24, 2008

Menton Daily Photo by Jilly Bennett: A daily dose of beauty makes all the difference

© 2007 - 2008 · Jilly Bennett · Menton Daily Photo · All Rights Reserved

A breath of fresh Mediterranean air from GG Central.

Earlier this month, GG’s editor had heaps of basil bestowed upon her by the munificent Maria Caterina di Perugia (aka Hermione the Cool Cat’s human-maman). GG’s editor dragged out an old recipe for Soup menton. Then, choses Menton (and all things southern French—from west to east) began to pop up. A few days ago, one link led to another, to the Menton Daily Photo*, & we just had to go.

A beyond-adorable cat was the Thursday, 21 August 2008 Daily Photo*; GG was entranced, as was her editor. The tabby-tiger resembles our late, dear Teddy & Oliver in their mischievous-but-sweet, pink-nosed splendor. Beyond the cuteness factor, note the elegant shot & the colors in both photos; anyone with thumbs can take a photo of a cute cat. This is different….and all due to the skill & empathy of photographer/hotelier/writer Jilly Bennett.

Also in the MDP, meet Woolite the Swimming Sheep (yes!) & Manon, the baby donkey at the Fête Patronale de la Saint Barthélémy. GG’s editor was preparing a Blessing of the Animals post but we will leave that to Jilly Bennett of Menton Daily Photo today. By the way, Woolite the Sheep was being filmed for a French television program titled 30 Million d'Amis.

Jilly’s main website is Pension Milou, “… is a 5-star 'pension familiale' for dogs on the Côte d'Azur. The dogs who come to stay, live in the house with me - no kennels or cages. Here you'll read stories of their lives and mine on the French Riviera.” GG’s aunt Elena will no doubt want to book a flight immediately & take pups Daphne, Buddy, & Charlie to the French Riviera & Pension Milou. (See also, Postcards from 'Pension Milou.’)

To round out her empire, Jilly publishes Riviera Dogs & Monte Carlo Daily Photo. They are lovely--a mini-holiday. It is well worth a drop-in for a smile, a recommendation to friends, & a thought about our friends–human & animal–across the sea. Read here about Jilly's life & work with animals in the South of France in Real Life Stories from Provence. She's an inspiration.

GG & her editor plan to visit Menton Daily Photo every day to maintain their sanity in a world gone mad.

Cheers & ciao-meow to all.


*A big thanks to Ms. J. Bennett for her permission to republish her photographs here.

© 2007 - 2008 · Jilly Bennett · Menton Daily Photo · All Rights Reserved