Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stories from the Children of Darfur

Don't forget about the Team Darfur athletes! GG will be watching some of their events over the rest of the Games; she's dismayed by the lack of cat-oriented programming on NBC, though. GG's editor is keeping quiet about ideas about cats & dogs & China for now. No need to upset GG.

Here is a link to TD's website & to both English & French language versions of the Stories From the Children of Darfur initiative, partnered by Darfur Peace & Development Organization (whose staff, partners, & friends are very dear to GG & her editor). Team DarfurRight to Play. Unfortunately, the has other worthy projects; check here for 16th of May Foundation links are disabled at the moment with odd looking hypertext, possibly due to Chinese interference--this is a recurring problem. Perhaps someone should have thought about that when granting the Olympic Games to a totalitarian regime? Grrrrrr.

GG will include news about Chinese interference on the Internet & Team Darfur (along with other organizations) as soon as possible.