Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday 96th Birthday, Julia Child

Here's the Julia Child hybrid rose--she chose it herself. Oh to have a jardin again, we'd plant this rose, for sure. GG's editor's grandfather had a favorite flower: the yellow rose. And this is listed as scented, as well. Divine!

Much more on the 'morrow, on Julia's real birthday, 15 August.
GG is rapt listening to the wonderful memories of Julia; watching the original PBS series with GG's grandmum; cooking Julia's recipes, & even--no kidding--receiving a ceramic knife sharpener from Julia via a mutual friend. We had no idea our friend knew her very well; it's a great story. Meanwhile, check out some of the wonderful sites about Julia.

Of course, the very famous one of Julie Powell & her original Salon blog that turned into a wonderful book, Julie & Julia. There's also a fun food blog called Champaign Taste (yes, in Illinois) that will announce the 3rd annual winner of their recipe contest dedicated to Julia. And of course, more tomorrow about Minou, Julia's faithful petit chat.

So more about Julia & then back to Provence...a day later than promised. But who cares? We're relaxing..

Ciao-meow, bimbi