Sunday, August 10, 2008

Menton, France & soup Menton

GG & her editor confess that they've not been to Menton on the French Riviera (yet!). However we are taking a break from all the death & sadness of the Olympics, Darfur, untimely death of that funny guy Bernie Mac, poet Mahmoud Darwish's death last night, the outbreak of war between Russia & Georgia...among so many awful things--yikes! So why the photo of Menton? We have often made a soup called soup menton by Perla Meyers. GG's editor bought her first cookbook, The Seasonal Kitchen in the late 1970s upon her return from studying in Strasbourg. This is one of her favorite summer soups & it's simmering away as we type. We include the recipe above (adjust according to what is in the kitchen & in season). Oh dear, the lazy way out (scanning dog-eared, smudgy book) isn't going so well. But our soup awaits & we doubt anyone will be making this ce soir. So we'll re-do a lovely copy tomorrow.

Ciao, bisou, xoxo, darlings!