Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Full Moon Rising, Part Deux

Check out our new lunar widget! GG is too fond of this nonsense at times, but we're so impressed with people who can actually write these things. We feel like geniuses for just copying the code into the template. The moon is a recurring theme at GG Central.

GG was awakened in the wee hours by the luminous, waxing moon. If GG's awake, then so is her editor (but not the way you's the editor who keeps GG awake); so we sat with elbows & paws propped up on the big old windowsill & looked up through the giant oaks. So difficult to believe we're in a major urban area with the tiny "finger" of the huge nearby park. We wish children in Darfur -- and everywhere--could have this same lovely quiet & bit of green.