Thursday, August 14, 2008

Breaking News....Out of Darfur

This is a photo taken by Jen Marlowe of the Darfur Diaries documentary project & book. Multiply it by thousands & thousands...add your own horrific images of people, animals, & their belongings. GG won't do that here. We're disgusted; we throw up our hands (& paws) at the relative(or complete) disinterest by the person-on-the-street. We're embarrassed to actually have some of these people as friends....
August 14, 2008

From the BBC.

From Mia's blog...

Khartoum bombing a quiet part of Darfur. People were tending their fields, kids were going to school.

Sudanese government troops launched an assault in rebel-held areas in remote north Darfur. An SLA commander in the field said the attackers had some 100 armed vehicles, horses and camels and were accompanied by full air support, including warplanes and attack helicopters.

Khartoum denies the attacks and the AU has no presence in the far north but the rebels claim the assault is intended 'to clear way for Chinese oil hunt' in north Darfur.