Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Full Moon Rising, Part 1

One summer, GG's editor was in a pensione quite near, if not in, the Athenian wedding gown garment district--yes! Such a specific place exists...or did. Some people were not pleased with where she was to stay. She had her doubts...who wouldn't want to stay at the Hotel Grande Bretagne? It was good enough for Winnie Churchill, after all.

Wandering about, so busy, there wasn't time to think about that really, much less the phase of the moon. After being out with friends, upon retiring for the evening, up the stairs to her room...which was positively flooded with light. Hurrying over to the teensy Juliet balcony, looking up, she saw the Acropolis Illuminated--not by artificial means but by the fullest moon she ever did see. Who needed the Grande Bretagne that night? She should have had a camera, though...but here are some lovely photos someone else took.


GG thought that Hotel Carolina (aforementioned pensione) must have a website. Her editor scoffed--you've got to be kidding! They're lovely people...but it was so NOT that kind of place. GG reminded her editor that it is a new century after all & that the Olympics were in Athens four years ago. So we looked...oh my goodness. It's beautiful. And apparently it was quite beautiful when GG's editor was there--the outer building hasn't changed. Just lovely. We'd stay there again in two shakes of a lamb's tail (as Grandma would say). The prices are, uh, updated...but still...oh to be in Athens tonight!