Sunday, October 26, 2008

Apricot Rose & Jane

The proverbial last bloom is nigh...GG's editor has seen late blooms on floribunda roses around the neighborhood, even downtown. In desperation, she snipped one small apricot-colored flower. Don't judge! Do you think that this will be held against Obama? We're at the ready to bat back ridiculous rumors, scurrilous commentary, & plain ol' mean-spiritedness--all of which are on abundant display. If you hear something you don't like, check here for the facts. This isn't over until YOU vote.

GG was working on her Jo the Plumber get-up for Hallowe'en (with help from management), but has stooped to cliché, unravelling a half-knitted scarf. We may push for the easier Sarah Six-Pack costume. We are not cat dressers but our late dear friend Jane S. said "a cat isn't a cat until it's been dressed up at least once." When Jane passed away, her garden was a 65+ year-old masterpiece (planted by her parents) & full of resident cats, kittens, dogs, & puppies (oh, & grandchildren, too). She was an endless source of heaps of cut flowers, excellent advice, wry commentary, recipes, tips, history, literary quotes, & everything else. When all else failed (whether the conundrum was a social crisis, chaos backstage, university hanky-panky, or stain removal), a cast of hundreds (including her fabulous family) thought the same thing: "Ask Jane." And so we did.

xoxo, bisou
GG's editor

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