Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Woof. Meow. Squeak.

Update: We've taken out the video--it is wreaking havoc on our site & is massively irritating. Go to the Post site directly to watch them. Here's a photo of GG's editor's adorable childhood pup, Archie.

Here are the six finalists (two winners) in the Washington Post's Pet Songs Contest. Seriously. Naturally (sigh) both winning songs are to dogs. Not that there's anything wrong with being a dog. But we just knew that no cat song would win. You can vote for the reader's choice award here. The Post critics chose Bones; the staff pick is Mr. Scrappers, You're a Good Boy. (Baron von Scrappers is a Katrina rescue dog, & we have a soft spot for those guys.) There are four additional video/songs in competition for the popular vote: Sami Cat, Rescue Dog Rock, Georgia (cat), & in the Squeak category, Rat Song (or "We've Got Three Rats"). Actually, ever since seeing Ratatouille, we can't shriek at the sight of a rat (if it's not in our apartment). Miss Virginia, one of the rats, is quite a looker.

GG's editor

PS: Thank you to snuzzy.com [a really fun animal/pet site] for video link assistance. The Post is definitely not making it easy to share these videos. One has to question their business plan. More on Snuzzy.com soon.