Monday, October 27, 2008

Dylan & Sylvia

No, we're not morbid. Why do you ask? Because anyone who posts anything about Sylvia Plath must be: 1) morbid; 2) full of teen-age angst; 3) fill in the blank? Nah. We just like a lot of her work. We do wish that acolytes who seem to have read only The Bell Jar, Lady Lazarus, & Daddy would, uh, read more. And for heaven's sake, quit going on about Ted Hughes; read his poetry, too. Today, is also the natal day of the greatest Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

We're very busy, still no fast Internet, no camera; the illustration is in the public domain. Both Plath & Thomas families/biographers/industries are notoriously litigious. Honestly, a little cat blog is paranoid? You betcha.

GG is acting up, again. We throw up our hands. There is much interesting news, recipes, fashion, literary tales, newly-discovered blogs to mention. But no time. So here's a recipe for Welsh rarebit (not rabbit!) from the Joy of Cooking. (The cookbook was very important to Plath.) Additionally, here are two poems from each troubled, but honored, poet. Also, a new-to-us site maintained by a Plath biographer; it's intro: "A celebration, this is..." It's about time. (We cannot vouch for the biography, as we have not read it yet.)

GG's editor