Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scarf Chic, la cinquième partie...clouds of warmth

These have a different function (keeping warm in style) but they remind us of Renaissance ruffs. Again, these are from the Canadian shop knittles on Etsy. Instead of a new coat, they zip up what's already in the closet; it could serve as a signature piece. There are short scarves, along with the cowls, here & elsewhere on Etsy's site, called 'scarflettes.' The knittles artist refers to them as 'clouds of warmth.' Poetic, non? Naturellement, GG wants one & her editor admits that it would be chic. However, we intend to pick up the knitting needles soon for a scarf (to be worn by a human), not an Elizabethan cat ruff. GG Central Management expects & is prepared for a protest, GG-style.

Giulia's editor