Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scarf Chic, la sixième partie...meow!

It's all in how you tie it, how you work it. Thanks to Birmingham-based (UK) Scary-Canary shop on e-Bay for the adorably named Vintage Pussy-bow neck scarf. Silver-cream, 1940s, Deco. What more could you want? You want more? There are more. GG is entranced by the moving slideshow, the bird logo, & the idea of slinking about adorned with a pussy-bow scarf. She was thinking about flower pins & scarves this past summer. Lately, she's been watching videos of Mireille G (& others) twirl pieces of fabric into stylish magic.

If you're chic & self-assured like GG, wind one 'round your head like this charming London girl.

Ciao-meow, bisou...
GG's editor