Monday, October 13, 2008

Latte-Sipping, Arugula-Eating Élitists

People are angry & bitter & focus on a vegetable? This is really a shame. Arugula has always been a vegetable eaten by everyone in other parts of the world. It's a crucifer in the brassica family (you know, anti-cancer) & became popular in the States some years ago. Italians (non-élitist Italians, too) eat it. Some clever, non-élitist farmers followed a capitalist agenda & -- gasp-- planted & harvested arugula to their advantage. Apparently, this is un-American in some quarters. Oh, we're sure there are PhDs being written on such shady goings-on. Here are three good recipes from the fabulous (non-élitist) Lidia Bastinach. [The arugula & white bean salad is particularly affordable.] Catch Lidia's shows on élitist PBS where she makes much less money than on cable. Suspicious, eh?