Friday, October 17, 2008

Double Indemnity

GG's editor only knew Fred MacMurray as the dad in My Three Sons. When she was an undergraduate in France, she saw this film at an English-French cinema club. Shocked, shocked! After watching The Apartment (a favorite to this day), it was clear that MacMurray was disturbingly good at playing these guys. Double Indemnity, a classic not to be missed, is playing three times today (Friday) at the AFI Silver Theatre: 4.45, 7.00, & 9.15pm. It's easy to buy tickets on-line & there is no charge for doing so (I know!). The series is co-sponsored by The Film Noir Foundation. Here's a funny article from Wednesday's Washington Post about film noir.

Go & have fun. Or if you can't, rent it.

Good weekend,

GG's editor

(GG is preparing to be more present next week. She's planning an outing but we're not sure where yet.)