Monday, October 20, 2008

Give Them Shelter

The Gathering of Tents for Darfur
An Interfaith Event
National Mall
November 7-9, 2008

Hundreds of activist groups, including school children from 48 states, will unite on the National Mall to send a message to the Darfuri people:

We care about ending their five years of suffering.
We are sending help directly to their communities.

Decorated tents used by groups across the U.S. for public education about the Darfur genocide are being shipped for use as classrooms in Darfur.

The event features a vigil at the Sudanese Embassy, interfaith services, workshops for adult & child activists, musical performances, speakers, & a rally.

For complete information & program schedule, visit our blog.

There will be regular updates & reminders about this event. If you can't be in Washington, DC, you can still participate & are very welcome. We'd love to hear from you.

GG's editor