Thursday, October 23, 2008

Young artistes for Darfur

Aren't these young Philadelphia girls adorable & talented? This photo was taken a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania. Our friend Susan from Darfur Peace & Development Organization went to a Tents for Hope painting party, in advance of the large event the weekend of 7 November 2008. GG might attend one short event (outside, in deference to the allergic) if she will behave & stay in her shoulder bag (as in no plaintive mewing to cause pleas for her release so that people can hold her). Please check the web site & blog for updates. We'll have more photos soon. The painted tents from all over the United States (like the one above) will be in Washington, DC for exhibition before they are shipped to Darfur.

Have a good evening (or morning to our friends in Australia & New Zealand!)

GG's editor